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We will participate in the XVI International exhibition "Style 2009". to be held 17-20 September in Lviv. Venue: Sports Palace "Ukraine" vul. Melnyk, 18.
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How to choose lingerie

How to choose lingerie when shopping counters tishat eye just incredible range of lingerie, a very important question becomes, what with all this pyshnosti choose. Especially beautiful underwear - one of the most popular women's "points". Although the paradox is that more people are not interested in what hopes to desired friend, but just what is under the clothes so carefully selected. However, try to go small against illiteracy by choosing lingerie that can be useful when purchasing a demon, and their companions - when buying gifts.
From what material?
By selecting the material should be approached with particular care and attention, because it is virtually around the clock face with the most intimate part of the body and can irritate sensitive skin or allergic reactions. To flesh was comfortable leather to "breathe", every day is better to choose clothes made of natural materials. It may be cotton, silk, a combination of moderate elastan addition, rayon or polyester. Pure synthetic materials are unlikely to allow you to feel comfortable. So carefully read the label on the product. Similar tissue, including various lace, can be left for special occasions. You should also avoid overtly cheap clothes, because usually it shyyetsya fabric of poor quality, and therefore fast stretches, sit, or lift porvetsya another unpleasant surprise, zipsuvavshy mood of the purchase.
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