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Choosing the right bra!
Difficult to name an exact date for the invention of the present integral part of women's intimate toilet. The fact that the history of mankind bra invented several times. Already at the age of the women of antiquity were things like modern bustier. This piece toilet in the modern sense came in 1889 when Ermine Kadoll exhibited in his studio Corsetry product that was called "Le Bien-etre", which means "prosperity". Cups established two support bra Satin ribbon and behind all this construction prykriplyalasya to cast.
In 1903 at the Paris Medical Academy was tested a new model bra, which the author was a woman doctor Gosh Sarah. She produced the bust, rozrizavshy half the cast: the upper half of the bra was lower - the belt.
In 1932, the bra altered form, emphasizing the depth of cups. In the future, major couturiers such as Paul Poiret, type in a bra as a fashion accessory women's underwear, encouraging clients a bear on his bare body.
Gradually, the details of this structure improved toilets. In 1935, manufacturers devised bra pads that are inserted in the bra and give glory to women's breasts. In the same period was introduced numbering cups from A to D.
The secret of beautiful breast is very simple and is in good, quality, and select the right bra. Many women do not even suspect that miracles can create a bra. But poorly chosen underwear can distort the impression of the whole ensemble and clothes from the figures in general.
You just choose your size - again, fashion - two long straps - three. Bra should be comfortable anywhere should cut into the skin, buckle under the armpits and across your chest. Bra supports the breasts and makes them droop. Breast should be placed in a cup bra so it does not zdavlyuvav it, but at the same time closely besieged.
Surprisingly, every seventh woman can not just call your breast size. Necessary to ascertain its capacity to purchase such a delicate thing. First you must determine the girth at breast (1 / 2 coverage - in the West relates to the size of clothes: for example, 34, 36, 38) and to determine the size of cups, which indicated the letters A, B, C and so on.
To find your number bra, measure girth at breast. Centimeter tuhishe tightened, otherwise you will get wrong figures, usually with a margin of error of overstatement. To determine the size of cups, a centimeter is required. Cup must accurately and completely cover the breast, if only bra has special Shaped like "Angelica".
Remember that breast shape all women are different. At the same chest girth in different women may be completely different shape bust. Fabric bra to caress your body, so not so important, whether it is pure cotton, silk or cashmere.
Today especially popular purple, purple, pink, blue and fuchsia color linen sets. In cream lace bra may be dawning heavenly color, coral, salmon, rose, gray-brown. Squeak fashion - with lots of romantic images ryushiv and shuttlecock, underlined and feminine silhouette of the model. Sexy lingerie to wear every day, not to keep for special occasions.
Never Perito way clothes in the car. Because of the rapid rotation of the drum, it could lose its form. A "bone" bra lamatymutsya. Perito underwear hands with warm water and mild detergents. Most popular:
Bustier - a bra with a long pipe that reaches almost to the waist, which ideally supports the breasts. Bend - bandage without breteley as broad, prytyskuyuchoyi breast tape.
The Invisible Bra - a pair of straps, lypuchok special kind of special material that silently support your breasts, give it the desired fullness and elasticity, leaving the back free and open. This is a brilliant solution for mayok deep notch and dresses with open backs. After the lining carefully drawn, wipe the skin with cologne or alcohol, then lay moisturizing cream to refresh the skin.
Delta bust - "invisible" bra with transparent microporous rayon, ideal for neckline, indispensable when you need to wear swimsuit without cups or open dress without breteley
Second Skin, or "second skin" - translucent bra bone ", usually flesh-colored, which is made of fabric with high content of nylon and Lycra. Looks a very thin koftynamy.
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