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Interesting facts about underwear
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The names of women's underwear
Underwear is becoming increasingly popular. There are many different names and to be able to navigate them, lead a brief description of the value of all these names.
Classic look.
This bra having a closed cup. This type of bra every woman should have, because it most convenient to all the latest types of bras. Especially it is necessary for women with large breasts.
Corby. This bra cup open much more than classical. Often used in summer.
Balkonet. This bra makes breast is almost entirely open. Top cups made of lace.
Brasyer. The best option for wear with low-cut on the chest. This bra is just a little nipple covers. He zdavlyuye breasts on the sides, so they seem a little more.
Angelica. Angelika called any bra, in which znimyutsya breteli. The main support of this bra is the bottom of the cup.
Vonderbra. The main function of this type bra - breast support than the bottom, and even the sides. As a result bretel is practically in the middle of the cup at the center of gravity, not the side. In the bottom of the cups is a special place where you fit inserts to increase and support the breast.
Push-Up, sconces. Bra, which increases the breast. This is done by pasting in paralonovyh cup bra inserts. Sometimes the insertion of a cup made of silicone. We are producing bra with no seams. In this case the form of breast attached by only one insertion. You must be very careful when washing these slip them in any case, you can not overturn.
Bust. This bra falls down. The purpose of this bra is not just to support the chest, but the entire top body. If the lower part of the bra loose oblyahatyme body, he called bra-string. Typically, these bra dress in clothes made of wool.


Tang, strinh. Small triangle in front and behind the narrow strip. Although such panties sexy look, they are not very comfortable.
Slip. Behind these shorts is almost completely closed buttocks, and in front of them usually do embroidery or smooth denture.
Slip-brazilyen. Virtually indistinguishable from the slip, the only difference is the narrow front.

Other types of underwear.

Body. Much like grace, the difference is that this lingerie is made entirely of elastic material. Fasteners body under panties. You can wear sweaters under suit instead.
Kombidress. Differs from the body that serves as the only underwear. Kombidress may end the flanks, and do not hook in panties. You can use a belt for stockings.
Grace. By type like a solid swimsuit, but it looks like underwear. For moving figure it used Paste Special.
Bodilayner. It reminds koftynu underwear with bra stays. Often worn under clothing that prosvichuyetsya.
Band. The belt is designed to involve the abdomen, usually very wide.

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